Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sissy's Dedication

Last Sunday was Mackenzie's dedication at church. Here are a few pictures...unfortunately I don't have one with Clark all the way in it at the dedication...he was busy chasing the "monkeys" as he referred to them during the service! As he introduced everyone, the boys were sitting nicely behind us on the steps and as soon as the introductions were finished they started to run free :)

This was later that day at Jake Holden's birthday party You can see Clark headed back to us on the right, with the boys!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Stages

I have wondered why I've been a little overwhelmed lately...and then I realized all that stages that we are in. Number 1, potty-training Mark. He's doing really well but its a constant teaching process of course. He's very proud of himself of course and runs to us to tell us he's pottied each time. Then C.J...he's learning to ride his bike without training wheels and he is doing really well too. Mark is also learning to ride his bike with training wheels and that's also been a work in progress but he's doing great!

I am trying to teach C.J. to read and I found another set of books that we like called Critter Pals. They are small books that when he reads each to me without me having to correct him he gets to put a sticker on the inside of the book. He's also learning how to tell time. This week we are devoting to reading and telling time...I found a curriculum for teaching time on the Internet so that's what we are going to try along with a few art projects that go along with the clock. All in all, we are PRACTICING something all the time!

Peyton is still waking up early but I have decided that he has to stay in his room until I get finished feeding Mackenzie at 7:00. I just need that quite time! He is such a toot...with a sweet side of course but a toot no less. He is constantly messing with his brothers for no reason. He's just a little pistol! He understands pretty much everything we say to him and he minds pretty well. He's also learning how to talk and I am afraid once he gets better at it he will give me an earful all day long:)

All three of the boys are thinning out and getting some pretty distinct muscles...I think I'm going to be running all the time to practices soon. They're constantly hungry and I have to remember that just because I am not hungry 3o minutes after lunch that they really just might be...I've told myself that as long as they are not getting too pudgy then they must be burning through everything that I give them to eat and if I say, "nothing sugary" and they still go for a snack it must not be because they just want SUGAR! Its quite a change of mindset from being a girl Clark keeps reminding me.

We're also working on some major character building and manners along with the normal school work. Since CJ is with me all the time, I see certain things that need to be worked on and thankfully he's catching on. Simple things like not interrupting, not begging other mommies for snacks:) etc. Just to name a few. This past week we went to a gym playdate, Heritage Farm playdate, a trunk show for My Vintage Baby had the carpets cleaned and the treadmill fixed and went to the Y several times for exercise classes. CJ was with me for everything. He questioned the carpet guys about how to clean the carpet and he was right in the middle of the the two guys fixing the treadmill. I once heard him ask what language they speak (because one of the guys wasn't answering his questions) and one of the guys said "Spanish". They asked him if he knows Spanish and he said, "I know a lot of people who speak Spanish but I don't know Spanish." I think its good for him to interact with adults like this...he's certainly not shy, neither is Mark or Peyton. At Heritage Farm they were all supposed to be sitting and waiting for the man to open his ice chest and pull out his soon as he pulled out the first frog, Mark and Peyton both jumped up and ran to the front (of like 30 kids). The man was like whoa, wait a minute. Assertive, non-timid little boys, I guess that's good.

Sissy is doing well...I just moved her feedings up to 7 ounces and I have been trying to hold her off at night which she does pretty well at and then eats 8 ounces in the morning. I feed her at 7,10,1,4 and 7. She eats and stays awake for about an hour then once I barely start hearing her fuss I wrap her up in her miracle blanket, lay her in her bed (and I try not to look at her because she just grins at me and wants to play). She easily goes to sleep if I've followed my routine. As of today, she is now turning over. I think this is really early but she managed to do it several times today. I have mixed emotions about this of course...I just don't want her stages to move too fast! She's so sweet, she really is!

Sometimes I think I can't keep up with all the various stages and then I realize they all need to learn things at various stages and hopefully I won't forget to teach them too much!

Bye-bye trash truck!

Its quite evident who the biggest toot is!
I am going to have sooo much help when they get older...I just might not have to do much at all but make sure I have enough food and fresh baked goods!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Miss Mackenzie (Sissy), is 2 and half months old. I don't get time to blog often so I missed posting after we had her last doctor trip at 2 months. She was a little over 12 pounds and 24 inches long-75% percentile in height and weight. Her first trip for the 2 month appointment landed us at the hospital drawing blood because she had a fever that we could not pinpoint the cause of. Grammy and Pop happened to be driving back in to town when I ended up at the hospital they stopped to assist...Sissy had to have an IV blood draw and had to be catheterized. They poked her three time and missed veins. Grammy and I were about to blow up and did a few times at the lack of experience with the lab nurses as they poked and prodded our little girl. Pop was in the car and when he hadn't heard back from us via text he made his way into the hospital and had to put the "smack down"! Needless to say, all her tests came back normal!

Here are a few pictures of our sweet baby girl!


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